Episode 1 – Why We Believed

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Part 1 – Why We BelievedQuestioning The Holocaust

It’s something we were taught to believe in our entire lives. Six million Jews were murdered in “The Holocaust”, mostly in gas chambers disguised as shower rooms. But did the showers of death really exist?

“Why We Believed” is a basic introduction to Holocaust Revisionism and its main arguments, primarily –

  1. There was no plan to exterminate World Jewry.
  2. There were no homicidal gas chambers disguised as shower rooms.
  3. The six million figure is a propaganda figure with no connection with the amount of Jews who died during World War 2.

“Why We Believed” also shows how horrific imagery of naked corpses does not prove the existence of an extermination program whatsoever. The shocking truth is that Allied bombing and strafing runs contributed to the deaths of those in camps liberated by the Western Allies in the final days of the most devastating war in history. Imagery of prisoners literally directly bombed and shot by Allied warplanes at Dachau, Nordhausen, and elsewhere are to this day falsely used as proof of a deliberate planned German “Holocaust.”

Questioning The Holocaust : Episode 1 : Why We Believed deconstructs the use of “Holocaust” film propaganda, most memorably how a real working shower room at Majdanek concentration camp was shown as proof of a system-wide construction of diabolical fake shower rooms used to gas Jews.

“Why We Believed” debunks the Holocaust industry which pushed tall tales about Jews being turned into bars of soap and lampshades and professed impossibly high death tolls at camps. This Holocaust industry continues to twist the life saving delousing process – which involved separate fumigation chambers for clothing, and real showers for prisoners – into some secretly homicidal “gas chambers disguised as shower rooms”.

Why did we believe?


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