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Debate with Friedrich Paul Berg (Updated with download link)

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Debate with Friedrich Paul Berg

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Fritz got totally rocked in the “debate.” I can’t really call what he did debate – he had to throw at least 50 “childish” insults one after the other. I stuck to the evidence, his entire lack of evidence proving the “Transit camp” theory and his own very illogical claims.

Highlights :

Fritz : Auschwitz was ” a gay old time.”  Dr. Mengele “wonderful.”

In the debate you’ll hear exactly why Germar Rudolf, head of Committee for “Open Debate” on the Holocaust begged Fritz not to debate me. The outrageously emotional and insulting words come from Fritz. The logic and evidence I use shatters the denial of gassing and mass shooting by bullets. There is zero evidence to prove the Revisionist “transit camp” theory. Extreme “deniers” know this and retreat to using stock phrases in their comfort zone.


On where did the approximately 750,000 Jews sent to Treblinka, supposedly sent Eastwards (but actually gassed) go?
Fritz : “I don’t know, I don’t care.”

Fritz : Auschwitz was a “gay old time.”
Fritz : Dr. Mengele was “wonderful.”

Fritz repeatedly called me a liar for saying ALL the existing evidence points to murders at Babi Yar and elsewhere. Fritz calls me a liar for saying “ALL” because of some theoretical, hypothetical evidence that in his mind may be found in the future to overturn over 70 years of “ALL” the existing evidence that I don’t include in “ALL.” So I said “All the existing evidence” But no – I stand by “ALL the evidence.” I do not concede there will miraculously be some future evidence to overturn this history and the mass cremation pits for hundreds of thousands of Jews never seen again proves this is impossible anyway.

One correction, Fritz claimed Vrba claimed the smoke out of Auschwitz chimneys was different for different nationalities. And how important this witness was. Vrba is important, as he escaped and gave the world some of the first detailed accounts of gassings at Auschwitz. But Vrba never said the ridiculous quote about different color crematory smoke depending on the different nationalities, which is what I keyed on and said “was not important.” I said that because Vrba never said this quote. The person who said that was Arnold Friedman, who was rightly picked apart at the Zundel trial as not being an important witness, being closer to a hearsay witness who did not see these things, but was told this by others.

Fritz often repeats that no autopsies have proven victims to be gassed. I point out a Polish archaeological investigation which showed intact skulls found at Treblinka cremation pits not pierced by bullets. I also point out the illogical concept that the large amount of bone fragments and cremated remains found at the site could prove cause of death due to exposure to engine exhaust when the cremation fire would release many of the same chemicals, especially if liquid fuel was used as an accelerant. When confronted with that logic, Fritz said, “I’m not an expert.” He later referenced watching CSI.

Obviously with any debate, one wishes they would have said something additional. I mentioned that those closest to the engines and who operated them described them as petrol engines, which to his credit, Fritz conceded. Then Fritz went back to talking nonstop about Gerstein mentioning diesel despite wanting to throw out everything he claimed about witnessing a gassing at Belzec.

I should have mentioned by name Eric Fuchs, who installed the engines at Belzec and Sobibor, who describes them as gas, petrol engines. Fuchs had extensive experience with the installation and daily use of the engines. Fuchs also worked at Treblinka. Fuchs’s post-war work as a truck driver, car salesman, and most importantly, engine mechanic would certainly put his intimate knowledge of the engines above that of Kurt Gerstein, who briefly visited Belzec.

Fritz liked to mention the time “3 minutes” in regards to gassing. Yet offers forward Gerstein. Gerstein claimed, using a stopwatch, that the gassing took 32 minutes to kill everyone inside, with most dead at 25 minutes. I believe one of Fritz’s own articles concedes that operated under certain conditions, “under load”, a diesel engine could kill in under 30 minutes. So he has no point. His point is that the Nazis should instead have used wood-powered engines. If wood-powered engines are so great, and not such a deadly danger to the operator themselves as has been proven, why aren’t we driving around in wood-fueled cars and trucks today? It’s just as I said, a thought experiment, how to have built a more efficient gas chamber.

If Fritz himself wants to perform a similar experiment to the “Zyklon B” experiment hoaxers shown here, https://youtu.be/TopEBh-a4Ac, even with diesel instead of petrol, he’ll be dead in less than 30 minutes. On his own website, he writes…

With diesel exhaust, the danger from CO or reduced oxygen would have been essentially zero from any idling diesel—but the temperatures, well above 200 degrees Fahrenheit, would have killed everyone eventually—and probably in less half-an-hour.

His concession that extreme high temperatures could kill those inside a small space in less than 30 minutes. Fritz claims “idling diesel” but not one operating under load. Talking about a diesel engine operating under load, from memory Fritz mentions death from the exhaust fumes, including higher concentrations of Carbon Monoxide, in under 30 minutes or even less. Although, either way, the exhaust of the engine operating under load or temperature will kill those inside as Fritz admits in less than half an hour.

His entire diesel argument is irrelevant for several reasons. Either diesel or petrol will kill those inside a small space in less than 30 minutes, as Fritz concedes. All witnesses describe engines being used to gas Jews. There are zero witnesses who were at Treblinka, Belzec, and Sobibor who deny mass gassings. Those who installed the gas engines and used them every day, rather than Gerstein who was only at Belzec for a few hours, describe them as petrol engines.

Fritz’s favorite witness Gerstein is notable because he tried to leak information about the mass gassings even during the war. The Vatican and others he desperately tried to get this information to wrote it off as atrocity propaganda.  Berg wants to pick and choose which aspects of Gerstein’s testimony to use. By Gerstein claiming a diesel engine was used, Berg also wants to disregard his entire testimony. So why are we talking about him and diesel anyway? There’s no reason to believe Gerstein made up his entire testimony, as it was given up voluntarily during the war under great danger to him from the Nazis themselves, and not under Allied torture.

Of course the main reason for the debate was to get Berg on record admitting there is zero evidence Treblinka, Belzec, and Sobibor were transit camps to the Russian East. Berg was unable to offer even one Jew out of the approximately 1.4 million sent to these sites who describes being “transited” through these sites to the Russian East. Berg’s response was “I don’t know, I don’t care.” Germar Rudolf also told me, “I don’t know.”

This evidence the extreme deniers “don’t know” will never be found. Because these Jews were gassed. It’s not worth anymore time going down the dead end path of denying these gassings and claiming Treblinka, Belzec, and Sobibor were transit camps to the East, with zero evidence to support that alternate conspiracy theory. ALL the evidence supports mass gassings and cremations at these sites.

More about how the diesel issue is irrelevant.

Overwhelming amount of Documentation on Babi Yar Massacres

On NINE German documents on Babi Yar

The End of the Line

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For over a decade I have devoted a great deal of my life to investigating what is known as “The Holocaust.” I’ve endured 18 months imprisonment, overwhelming hardships, and live life as an outcast due to my activism as a Holocaust skeptic.

All along, I claimed I was looking for the truth and out to tell the truth. I have determined I have reached “the end of the line” in the extent relevant research in the central issue of the “Holocaust denial” debate is able to go. I have come to what can be called a conclusion regarding the central issue of “Holocaust denial” which is –

Where did the Jews declared unable to work (small children and the elderly, etc.) sent to Auschwitz-Birkenau, Treblinka, Belzec, Sobibor, Chelmno, go if they were not gassed at these sites?

Through the years, I have asked several prominent “Revisionists” this question. The most common response is “I don’t know.”

Does this answer sound like it would win a public debate let alone get laughed out of an auditorium? Instead it is undoubtedly a losing position. And this is precisely why Revisionists have not and are, without additional miraculous, earth-shattering new data, unable to ever “win” the “Holocaust denial” debate.

I have read most of what has been written in regards to this central question. The Revisionist answer is the equivalent of “I don’t know” along with some insinuations that some transports we know were indeed sent to the “Russian East” (mostly Minsk, Belarus and the Baltic states) must have been first transited through these camps. This weak and really nonexistent data is not good enough. Often some of these claimed transports to the “Russian East” through Sobibor, Treblinka, etc., happened before the extermination camps claimed “transit camps” were even open, therefore are impossible to have occurred via the “transit camps.”

In The Hoax of the Twentieth Century, Dr. Arthur Butz flippantly brushes aside Treblinka, Belzec, and Sobibor, where approximately 1.5 million Jews are alleged to have been gassed,  because he claims he debunked Auschwitz and these camps were just similar hoaxes. Butz titled that chapter “Et cetera” (they’re unimportant!), and spends very few sentences in the entire book on these extermination camps located in Eastern Poland. To be fair, at the time of “Hoax’s” publication, Auschwitz was the popular focus of “The Holocaust.” Butz claimed to debunk Auschwitz-Birkenau primarily by claiming the amount of Hungarian Jews alleged transported to Auschwitz were not actually sent there at all, but many hundreds of thousands instead remained in Hungary. Of course this doesn’t explain Treblinka, Belzec, and Sobibor, where we know the names of entire Jewish communities shipped to these sites and never seen again. Butz’s Hungarian transport denial is disagreed upon by Revisionists Carlo Mattogno, Juergen Graf and others. But despite thousands of pages of books and articles, no Revisionist seems to have an answer to the central issue of where those Jews unable to work and undeniably transported to these locations (even photographed transited to these locations) went rather than the gas chambers at these sites.

Holocaust researcher Roberto Muehlenkamp’s offer of a financial reward for proof of one Jew transited to the “Russian East”, stopping at Treblinka, Belzec, and Sobibor is out there for anyone who can find even one Jew out of the approximately 1.5 million alleged “transited” through Treblinka, Belzec, and Sobibor that fits the proposed Revisionist “transit camp theory.” This potent challenge is proof of how strong the accepted history is and how phenomenally weak and untenable the Revisionist / denier “transit camp” theory is.

The extreme end of “Revisionism” also called “Holocaust denial” which denies gassings and mass murders by bullets is entirely predicated on having the open minded skeptic ignore the most central issue of “The Holocaust”. We know Jews able to be used for forced labor were transited in large numbers through Auschwitz to other labor camps and often survived the war. Their existence is often touted by Revisionists as proof of a hoax, but actually fits today’s official story.

But – Where did those huge amounts of young children, elderly, and those separated forever from their families at Auschwitz and segregated as unable to be used for slave labor elsewhere, go en masse rather than the gas chambers of the crematories?

Where did those alleged sent to Treblinka, Belzec, and Sobibor and then to the “Russian East” go, (ignoring the proof of human remains at these sites as deniers do)? Revisionists / deniers can’t name one of their proposed “survivors”.

This central issue – that the N.S. / S.S. executed the elderly, children, and those unable to work in several extermination camps – is ignored via diversion tactics. These tactics often choose to instead focus the skeptic on truly absurd eyewitness lies, debunked human fat soap and human skin lampshades rumors, or other post-war propaganda.

Some Revisionists even claim that the answer to this question is unimportant. Because the alleged mass murder and cremation are to them “impossible” it doesn’t matter where these Jews went. They defiantly claim these Jews definitely weren’t killed at their last known earthly locations, though.

To come to this conclusion, I did not rely only on existing Revisionist material, but have additionally performed thorough research on this myself. I’ve also visited and documented the relevant locations Auschwitz-Birkenau, Treblinka, Majdanek, Trawniki, and Babi Yar.

As of now, there is zero hard evidence to support the Revisionist “transit camp theory” and all evidence points to mass homicidal gassings and mass murder by shooting having occurred.

I propose logically, there are these three options :

  1. The Revisionist transit camp theory is correct, and miraculous information / data definitively proving it will eventually turn up.
  2. The Revisionist transit camp theory is correct, but information definitively proving it conclusively will never turn up. “Soviets destroyed the train records, etc.”
  3. The Revisionist transit camp theory is not correct, and information proving it therefore cannot manifest.  Jews unable to work and others were actually murdered via gas and bullets at the alleged sites.

I have to cross option 1 off the list as 99.9% unlikely, for the same logical reason Roberto Muehlenkamp offered his reward. There should be some evidence somewhere of even one Jewish survivor passing through Treblinka, Belzec, Sobibor, and arriving in the “Russian East” according to the Nazi code term used, highlighted in German demographer Richard Korherr’s report for Himmler. There should be reports of large camps for these Jews unable to work. There should be witnesses for any of this happening. There would have been documentation throughout German, Polish, and other countries’ systems and infrastructures, train records, etc., not only falling in Soviet hands to destroy.

If number 2 is true, this is not good enough to convince the majority, or critical mass, or any logical people of worth. It’s the “I don’t know where they went but they definitely survived!” answer. If approximately 2 million Jews or more were indeed sent to the “Russian East” all evidence points to them never being in contact with their families ever again. Whether they were (theoretically) later shipped off by Stalin to Siberia or starved after being thrown by the Germans into the area of the Pinsk marshes, or lived secret happy lives in Russia or Israel or elsewhere, for all intents and purposes without any proof of life Revisionists have to show, they are “as good as gassed.” They will forever be “as good as gassed” to the people “Revisionists” are trying to convince. These Jews were last seen in N.S. custody. The N.S. are responsible for their apparent murder / disappearance off the face of the earth. Even if the “missing” individual’s specific bone fragments are not identified at the extermination sites, murder convictions are often made without finding the specific bodies, yet are still just. But despite an attempt to hide the evidence, there still are many bone fragments, ashes, and human remains at the mass murder sites.

I have come to the conclusion that the most logical option is number 3. Jews and others were gassed and shot at the locations alleged.

Convincing evidence these sites were used to murder via gas and bullets

There is a multitude of witness testimony of N.S. themselves, Jews, Poles, Russian prisoners of war and others. There are the remains of crematoria, gas chambers, and cremation pits. There are photographs and vast documentary proof these camps were used for extermination. There are human remains at the sites alleged used for large scale cremation of gassing victims. As I will be often repeating, there are the Jews never seen again, known sent to these sites, no proof of emerging anywhere after being sent to these death camps.

No primary N.S. war crimes defendant, at the camps, with personal knowledge easily able to prove the extermination camps were merely transit camps ever gave that alternate explanation. Franzl Stangl, Franz Suchomel, Josef Oberhauser, and other primary defendants could have said, “We routinely transited these Jews here, here, and here, (maybe Lviv, Pinsk, and Vilnius) to the locations listed on the supposed “fake” railway signs, what are you talking about gassing?” This never happened. On the contrary, they accepted guilt and did nothing to protest, not even covertly slipping acquitting testimony to a confidant only to be published after their deaths.

The above two paragraphs are the primary reasons I accept that mass homicidal gassings, shootings, and cremations occurred.

The reasons skeptics of N.S. mass murders even first go beyond the skeptical “shallow water” most logically or emotionally decide not to wade past into the deep end of the subject in the first place are numerous. Many of the most powerful Jews in the world such as Steven Spielberg, Simon Wiesenthal, and Elie Wiesel, promoting “the Holocaust” as a new religion really were involved with manufacturing mini-hoaxes which are rarely ever exposed in the mainstream, other than by Revisionists. I and many others see it as morally right to oppose these mini-hoaxes, which often target naive children. Just the other day the Holocaust promotion industry has admitted the 5 million non-Jewish Holocaust victim figure promoted by Simon Wiesenthal and taught to the public for years was a total lie. This 5 million figure was repeated for decades, even on the top investigative journalist programs, such as PBS’s Frontline.

Continued wading into the deep end of denying these mass murders partially involves “denial promoters” hiding or minimizing convincing evidence of mass murders within their echo chamber. The deniers also promote strawman arguments including false information, sometimes including absolutes, such as “No Holes, No Holocaust” and “No Mass Graves.” Some of the most convincing evidence of gassings is also often hidden by Holocaust researchers as well, for reasons I will detail.

Along the way those rightfully skeptical of mainstream Holocaust falsehoods often find themselves in a community of Revisionists which proclaim an extreme form of mass murder denial. From Auschwitz to Treblinka to Babi Yar, these Revisionists, often called deniers, genuinely believe Jews were not gassed or shot by the hundreds of thousands.

At this time, I realize I was misled by the extreme “Holocaust deniers.” Although I began my quest exposing politically incorrect truths I stand by today, such as the falsehoods of the Holocaust promotion industry including fantasy atrocity fiction in Elie Wiesel’s Night (moonwalking to the edge of a flaming pit of fire during the titular “Night”) and Steven Spielberg’s Oscar winning hoax of a documentary The Last Days, I was later persuaded to support an extreme form of Nazi mass murder denial which I now reject as untrue. I now oppose denial of these massacres as destructive and counter-productive to “Revisionism’s” own claimed aims. Which are supposedly to repeal anti-free speech laws, restore nationalism and a positive sense of identity to Germany and the West, and to end the Holocaust-guilt complex which has infected Europeans.

I’ve concluded the claim that Jews were not murdered at Auschwitz-Birkenau, Treblinka, Sobibor, Babi Yar and elsewhere using poison gas and bullets is a false conspiracy theory. The main reasons I ever gave Nazi mass murder denial such a complete examination are the numerous lies of the murderous, evil Soviet regime, Jewish eyewitness exaggeration and falsehoods, and other wartime propaganda which never seems to be acknowledged or revised by an ever-growing Holocaust promotion industry. The Revisionists themselves have played a key role in revising the propaganda, against tremendous persecution, for which they should be commended. But unfortunately, they have gone too far in denying mass murders at several known extermination sites. I trusted many of the advanced Revisionists with years of research behind them to have come to the correct conclusions. After years of my own research, it’s very clear those who care about the truth have been misled.

Specific evidence I find convincing

I don’t have the time or the inclination to footnote every document, eyewitness testimony, or archaeological study. Certain proofs were more powerful to me than others. Some fit like missing puzzle pieces into my visual minded mentality.

In the next section I will list some of the proofs I find convincing or interesting at this moment in time, however as I listed above, the endless amount of physical evidence, documentation, eyewitness testimony, photography, and more not listed here and which I feel no need to obsessively footnote is just as or even more important.

Aerial and Ground Photographs showing the doomed Jews before, during, and after gassings outside Auschwitz-Birkenau’s Crematorium 5.

This is an elderly Jewish woman being forcibly restrained and forced into the entrance of Auschwitz-Birkenau’s Crematorium 5 to be gassed. The cameraman is steps in front of Auschwitz II – Birkenau’s Crematorium 5, the entrance is close to his back. Crematorium 4 is and a pathway is in the background. Various armed guards and a truck are visible. I put forward that an uncomfortable hidden truth of this photograph is that those manhandling the woman are apparently the “Sonderkommando” Jews. These were Jews forced to work in the process of gassing and cremating doomed Jews.


Elderly Jew being forced into Crematorium 5

I have never received a satisfactory alternate explanation for what is happening in this photograph. There is none. I’ve been to Auschwitz-Birkenau, walked the grounds for four separate days, took hundreds of photographs and video clips, and know firsthand there is no alternate location this photograph could have been taken. French Revisionist Robert Faurisson’s “explanation” for this photograph, explained by author Jean-Claude Pressac on this page of his book Auschwitz : Technique and Operation of the Gas Chambers, does not provide a sober alternate explanation.

421The woman was brought to this Crematorium, likely via the truck in the photograph, from the train tracks on the other side of the camp. That the elderly were taken by truck from the train tracks on the other side of the camp to these crematories matches with many other witness accounts. This woman may have heard the rumors, or otherwise realized she was going to be executed. She may have heard screams from inside the crematorium. She is being dragged towards a gas chamber in Crematorium 5 by three Jewish “sonderkommando” against her will and resisting with her might and last breaths. Look at those restraining her. They almost look like gangsters, don’t they? Look at their clothing, possibly assembled in accordance with sonderkommando testimony from the former dress of those rich Jews gassed beforehand. Judging from body language, the “Nosferatu” looking man on the left have tried to calm her with lies, such as “it’s just a shower” which lines up with sonderkommando testimony.

Sadly, some “die-hard” Revisionists may scoff at these conclusions as weaving a fantasy story of a scene which just isn’t there (this very sentence would even be cut and pasted and mocked in their future replies if I weren’t to point their tactic out just now). But hold Revisionists / deniers  to the subject at hand. The literal spot this photograph was taken at is the entrance to Crematorium 5. There is no other possible location this photograph was taken. She’s being forcibly restrained and moved by three Jews towards the entrance to the Crematorium / gas chamber building, right behind / next to the cameraman. Everyone in the frame, Jew and German alike, is moving towards and facing the events happening at Crematorium 5. A gassing is about to begin.

There has never been an alternate explanation, for instance, that there are real showers in Crematorium 5. The only acceptable explanation, because no other workable alternative has ever been provided, is that this elderly Jew, unable to be useful to advance the war effort via forced labor, was gassed moments after this photograph was taken inside the Crematorium / gas chamber facility behind the cameraman. She was then cremated either inside the Crematorium or  outside, where covert ground and Allied aerial photographs show large cremation pits used to cremate masses of Jews.

I used this photograph as my first personally convincing proof because for a peculiar reason it’s not often seen, yet it seems to be one of the most compelling pieces of photographic evidence there is. It’s a Jew resisting being forced by three other Jews into the entrance of a Crematorium alleged to have had homicidal gas chambers as armed guards in the background move towards the Crematorium.

This photograph is not often circulated publicly. There are different versions of “The Auschwitz Album” published and released. This particular photograph is often not included in these collections.

For instance, https://www.google.com/culturalinstitute/beta/exhibit/QQeexYJ4 , curated by Israel’s Yad Vashem jumps from photographs of women and children waiting outside of Crematorium 4 and 5 to be gassed to those who survived selections, able to work and with freshly shaven heads, marching to the camp proper. The curators jumped from numbered photographs 137 to 155. Skipping over the photograph of the elderly woman being manhandled into Crematorium 5. Yad Vashem does this in another collection as well. Despite a section titled “Last moments before the Gas Chambers”, a photo of a woman being forced into the entrance of Crematorium 5 and the gas chambers is for some reason omitted. Huh? Why?

The frequent public editing / censoring of this photograph of a Jew being forced into Crematorium 5 leaves a gap Revisionists have filled with doubt. Revisionists claim the frightened children, elderly and other Jews segregated as “useless eaters” photographed waiting outside of Crematorium 4 or 5 were sent somewhere else. Of course, Revisionists can’t tell you where they went, rather than the gas chambers of the Crematories one is photographed being forced into.

I propose the main reason the photograph of the elderly Jew being forced into Crematorium 5 is so rarely seen is to whitewash the role of Jewish “sonderkomando” in assisting the Nazi mass murder process. Revisionist Bradley Smith, a veteran of the Korean War, often commented that men of moral character would have not worked as “sonderkommando”, helping to kill this woman. They would have rushed the guards almost immediately rather than assist in gassing after gassing of their people. Testimony describes “sonderkomando” Jews being fed better than the average prisoners, and having their pick of food, clothing, and other objects left behind by gassing victims. Jews themselves sometimes viewed the “sonderkommando” as Nazi collaborators, and Jews themselves would seek probably retribution against those men photographed if they survived the war and turned up on the streets of a Jewish neighborhood. However, it’s likely these men were killed at some point as many sonderkommando were.

Of course, there is proof of sonderkommando acts of resistance, such as one sonderkommando photographing mass cremation from inside this Crematorium 5, as well as some attempted “sonderkommando” escapes and a later sonderkommando revolt blowing up Crematorium 4, shown in the background. However, the conclusion to be made by this photograph hiding the politically incorrect history is these three men forcing this woman into Crematorium 5 against her resistance can be considered by some to be Jewish “war criminals”.

I had probably seen this photograph many times before, but withheld judgement until I knew more. Or maybe I hadn’t seen it, or was told it was unimportant. Until last year, I had yet to read the entirety of Jean-Claude Pressac’s book, but was encouraged to by a Revisionist friend and mentor who I hold in high regard.

Pressac is an interesting case. When first jumping into the fray, Pressac appeared to be on French Revisionist Robert Faurisson’s side, yet apparently pretty quickly realized mass gassings and mass murder happened. Pressac often whitewashes in particular the role of the sonderkomando. Pressac made excuses for David Olere, a Jewish artist sonderkommando whose fantastical exaggerations and poor representations are equivalent to those of Elie Wiesel. Overall, although flawed in some ways, Pressac’s publications are among the best on the subject. Pressac often tread a grey area between deniers and blind believers.

When I saw this photograph after having visited Auschwitz-Birkenau myself and knowing the terrain, and that there was no other logical explanation, that the location of the photograph was without a doubt taken at the steps to Crematorium 5, it hit me hard. I’m a visual learner, and just visually minded in general. I realize now, while typing this article, why this photograph was and is such strong proof for me.

I held a camera at almost the exact spot this photograph was taken.

I was facing the other way of that cameraman, photographing and taking video of the reconstructed foundations of Crematorium 5 and the entrance this woman was forced into.

Notice the museum does not display a blown up photograph of the elderly woman being shoved into this entrance. Instead, they choose a boring photograph of the building.

In addition, seeing this photograph filled a gap in my mind previously exploited by Revisionism. This is the only photograph of a Jew being forced directly into a Crematorium / gas chamber. Without acknowledging such powerful proof such as this, a Jew at the steps of Crematorium 5 being forced inside, it was possible for me to keep an open mind and see if Revisionist doubts or alternate claims checked out.

I have yet to receive a satisfactory alternate Revisionist explanation on what was really happening to this woman. On the contrary.

I recommend everyone to read Pressac’s analysis of the photograph and takedown of Faurisson’s embarrassing, pathetic and shameful response that this struggling, visibly retrained woman is willingly grasping the hand of the fellow on the right and kindly being helped along, definitely not moving towards the cameraman standing in front of the Crematorium entrance they face, and death.

421There has been and is no reasonable “Revisionist” answer to explain away this photograph as anything other than an elderly Jewish woman resisting with all her might being forced into Crematorium 5 by three Jews under watch by multiple armed guards.  This photograph confirms eyewitness accounts, as well as aerial and ground photography of masses of bodies being cremated behind the very building the woman is entering to be killed.

However, I think Pressac’s analysis does not tell the whole truth, and likely tells an important falsehood. Pressac’s work was funded and published by the Jewish Klarsfeld foundation. Pressac posited all four Jews were all entering Crematorium 5 to get gassed at the same time. As I theorized earlier, I say this most powerful image is routinely concealed in order to cover up the role of the “sonderkommando” Jews themselves in the extermination process. These three men are strong enough, physically capable of being used for forced labor, they were performing such necessary labor in the photograph! There is no reason for the men to be gassed at this moment. Judging from their clothes, as I put forward were likely at least partially assembled from the leftovers of former gassing victims, this apparently isn’t the first time these men worked as cogs in the extermination process, and there is no reason to gas them at this moment, either. These three men could be labelled as Jewish cowards and traitors. They could be convicted of war crimes. I think Pressac continued to cover this truth up in order to appease his Jewish funders and publisher. I now wonder how much “believer” scholarship, although mostly correct, is rendered unbelievable and tossed aside by otherwise open minded skeptics because they are in fact telling partial falsehoods such as what I say Pressac did.

My analysis of this photograph rebuts both the typical Holocaust researcher claims whitewashing the role of Jewish sonderkommando, as well as denier obfuscations. Unbiased reality cannot be described in terms of black and white, but the “Grey Zone” sonderkommando Primo Levi stated the sonderkommando themselves operated in.

A video I came across after completing this section which explains this photograph in a similar manner.

There are photographs taken nearby showing those outside of these gas chambers waiting for what was coming.

auschwitz-27_jpgWe’ve all seen these before. These are photographs of those about to be gassed in the grove outside Crematorium IV and V, shortly before entering these gas chambers. There’s no proof these distressed Jews, selected as unable to work, were then dis-infested. Part of this group appears to have been photographed bypassing the Central Sauna, where haircuts, dis-infestation showers, and new clothing distribution would routinely be performed, on the path from the train arrival platform to arrive at this location. There’s no proof they then entered trucks or trains (on the other side of the camp they apparently just came from) or were transferred anywhere else and there’s no proof they survived that non-existent transfer or the war. They don’t reemerge in the next series of photographs in the Auschwitz Album, which shows shaved and dis-infested adult Jews who are to be used for forced labor entering the area of the camp with barracks and accommodations.

auschwitz_resistance_282_croppedThese are Jews undressing outside of  Crematorium 5 before entering the gas chambers, part of a series of covert images taken by camp prisoners proving the gassing operation.

Revisionist Carlo Mattogno’s rebuttal that these are healthy Jews just going to take a bath at the nearby small fire reserve pond doesn’t hold up. The pond today if used would be unhygienic. It’s murky, stagnant water filled with frogs. Photographic evidence shows it to have been in a similar situation at that time as well, the water heavily receded. In addition, testimony claims cremated ashes were dumped into this pond. Those in the photograph appear frail and old, not likely to work, etc., etc. The chaotic, poor framing adds to all the additional evidence these are Jews undressing to enter the gas chambers and be cremated. Not to mention the other photographs in the series, of corpses being cremated in large cremation pits on the other side of Crematorium 5.


There is zero proof these Jews, corralled around the “birch forest” of Birkenau’s Crematorium 4 and 5, all selected as unable to provide useful labor (mostly children, their mothers, and elderly) survived, and were fed and housed in some secret camps for those “useless eaters” numbering the approximately 2 million alleged selected to be gassed in total. There’s evidence they were forced into gas chambers in nearby Crematorium 5 like this woman below, then cremated.








There are covert photographs taken after gassings, showing the cremation process outside this very gassing / cremation facility.


This covert photography taken inside Crematorium 5 was an act of resistance, apparently by at least one “sonderkomando” who has been identified. The capacity of the camp’s many crematory ovens was exceeded, so the bodies were burned in open pits.

The denial of these particular photographs, for those denying they are real or forgeries is pretty sad. Those initiated into gas chamber skepticism have often seen the claims repeated below on the Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust website’s forum.

Many “Revisionists” retell a strawman argument, by arguing about a later modified version of only one in the series of these photographs which has been cropped, stretched, compressed, had the contrast increased due to the clandestine photographs not being taken under ideal conditions. These reproduction techniques cause distortions anyone with basic photography experience has experienced as normal. But this photograph was also likely modified. A photo editor likely did modify the supposed “spaghetti limbed” version of the photograph. So what? This means absolutely nothing. All that matters is the original(s).

There are no “spaghetti” limbed people drawn in by some Soviet Picasso in the original photographs. The original photographs are genuine and confirmed by Allied aerial photography, witnesses, and the physical evidence still at the site.

The only “sort-of” acceptable “Revisionist” answer would be that these are real photographs but these are typhus epidemic, not gassing victims. Revisionists / deniers instead jump through hoops claiming these other modified prints are de facto proof the originals are forgeries and other totally baseless stuff. No qualified photography expert has ever stated the original photographs are forgeries. There are only those who have zero relevant photography experience, have never entered a darkroom, and are misleading posing as experts. Other evidence, including the above photograph of an elderly Jew being forced into Crematorium 5 prove those gassed in the building were also cremated in these pits outside. One likely wouldn’t have to sift their hands too far into the dirt in this area today to find human ash. Many who repeat the “spaghetti limbed photo hoax” claim apparently never visited Auschwitz-Birkenau.

When I visited the site, I almost instantly knew these forgery claimers went too far. Although, I never thought the entire original photograph was a forgery, anyway. I was willing to accept the “epidemic typhus victims” claim until proven otherwise. The present site today obviously lines up with what was photographed.

I can definitively say I know more about photography, and darkroom forgery techniques than those claiming the original photos are “hoaxes”, or whatever. It was impossible to “forge” or even reenact the series of photographs depicted in the sonderkommando photographs. The corpses in the original images are real bodies, not “spaghetti limbed” drawings.

To deny cremation pits at this location is to deny reality. That some actual forgeries, such as that of the actual Simon Wiesenthal Center photo forgery pictured as the message board poster’s profile picture in the upper right (they used a “burning technique” to add smoke to chimneys) exist isn’t all that surprising. That specific simple forgery of a real photograph was caught and proven, as have various falsehoods of Wiesenthal and his organization.

Neither photo modifications debunk or refute the larger official story in any way. The main effect of spreading the “spaghetti-limbed” photograph blowup is to make skeptics deny the most well documented site of gassing victims filmed being cremated outdoors. All the other alleged cremation sites, without suitable ground and aerial photography are then more easily brushed aside.

Aerial photographs

There are aerial photographs showing huge plumes of smoke rising at the open air cremation pits outside of Crematorium 5, almost certainly taken on a different day from the other photographs. How can anyone deny there were open air cremations of humans at this specific spot? It’s senseless but some “die-hards” still do.










Jews were being cremated in those pyres. Not waste products, or camp litter. They were gassed in the nearby building, just like the woman shown earlier. And the women and children in wait. And those filmed undressed, walking to the crematories.

The following links add additional persuasive arguments supplementing this section.


diagramThe unusually well documented ground and aerial photography depicting the waiting, undressing, forcing into gas chambers, and cremation procedure outside of Crematorium 5 alone should be all anyone needs to accept that mass homicidal gassings occurred in accordance with witness statements, physical evidence which still exists today, and surviving documentation. It’s not surprising photography was banned at the “pure” extermination camps such as Treblinka and Sobibor.

What more could one reasonably expect? Sorry, it wasn’t possible to properly expose photographic film INSIDE the actual gas chambers due to low light conditions and the likelihood of torture and death! But there are photographs taken outside the gas chambers, from the air, at the entrance to the gas chambers of a woman being forced inside, and inside the crematory looking out at masses of gassed Jews burning in outdoor cremation pits.

If I were like Arthur Butz, I would stop there and say that the microcosm of Auschwitz-Birkenau’s Crematorium 5 proves mass homicidal gassings and cremation did happen elsewhere currently alleged as well.

But I will continue to demonstrate some other evidence which convinced me that gassings, massacres by shooting, and cremations happened at other sites. Or at the very least, that there will be no “Revisionist” mass awakening tossing aside the accepted story without miraculous new findings. And I don’t believe in miracles…

Human remains and cremation pits at the sites, cremation pits as well as cremation ovens at Auschwitz.

Contrary to Revisionist copy-paste claims, there are human remains and several large cremation pits at the various execution sites. Many of these same “deniers” deny the veracity of the photographs or the cremation pits documented outside of Auschwitz’s Crematorium 5 which there couldn’t possibly be more proof of. The best physical proof includes Archaeological studies which include core samples at Belzec, and investigations and photographs of Sobibor and Treblinka.

Babi Yar and other massacres via bullets-

I never believed that the Babi Yar ravine massacre / mass murder was “a hoax.” Other than the large death toll, what is claimed to have happened always seemed perfectly logical to me! There were no questionable gas chambers involved, masses of people were herded and shot in an ideal location for such massacres. And the Revisionists apparently never offered an alternate explanation, seemingly proposing the entire series of massacres a total Soviet propaganda creation.

If any totalitarian military unit were to massacre large numbers of civilians in Kiev in the 1940s, Babi Yar ravine was the perfect place to do so. Soldiers in elevated locations at the top of parts of the ravine ensured those below would have a hard time to resist or escape. Any military expert would pinpoint such ravines as ideal for such reprisals. Which is why other ravines in the former Soviet Union were also used for S.S. massacres. For instance, Carl Jung’s protege Sabina Spielrein was murdered by an SS death squad, Einsatzgruppe D, in Zmievskaya Balka, or “Snake Ravine” near Rostov-on-Don, Russia.

In addition, there are photographs documenting what happened before, during, and after the massacres at Babi Yar, and the massive clean-up operation afterwards.


Jews rounded up near at the ravine in Babi Yar http://www.holocaustresearchproject.org/survivor/kaperbabiyar.html


Jewish women lined up waiting to be shot at Babi Yar http://www.holocaustresearchproject.org/survivor/kaperbabiyar.html


Nazis sift through the enormous amount of clothes and personal effects left behind by the victims of the massacre. There’s no other logical explanation for this. This is the clothing and personal effects of those killed at the site.



The massive cleanup operation in an attempt to hide the evidence.

None of those alleged murdered ever reappeared to their families again. If they were transited further East, or whatever fairy tale Revisionists want to claim, at least some could have and would have later returned to Kiev, still part of the USSR. At least a few would have reunited with their families. If according to the Revisionist fairy tale, they were all transited further East, and Stalin killed them (or whatever) their blood is still on the hands of the N.S..

As with everything else, the likelihood that there ever would be evidence to turn up to definitively overturn “the official story” is nil. Because all evidence points to the Babi Yar massacres happening. There is zero evidence those stripped of their clothing, lined up at the claimed massacre sites instead received fresh clothing (which would have been a total waste of previous supplies needed for soldiers and the war effort) and were shipped off to a different location and never seen again. Jews were massacred en masse at Babi Yar.

To highlight the absurdity of Revisionist claims, we must examine Revisionist air photo “expert” John Ball’s conclusions.

Babi Yar

The ravine of Babi Yar underwent no noticeable changes in topography or vegetation up to the end of the war. There are no signs of human intervention during the time of German occupation. There was no human activity there at the time of the mass cremations attested to by the witnesses.


Ball claims there were no noticeable changes to Babi Yar up to the end of the war. Ball claims “there are no signs of human intervention during the time of German occupation.” Considering the ground level photograph shows a large amount of laborers with shovels involved in modifying the site, we know his analysis is demonstrably false! There definitely was a great deal of human intervention at Babi Yar. This human intervention included massacres, cremation, and a large scale attempt to cover up the evidence.

However, prominent Revisionist Juergen Graf claims Ball’s biased and false air photo analysis is enough to throw away German documentation denoting the exact amount of Jews killed on the day of the largest massacre, numerous photographs, eyewitness reports, and the fact that these Jews claimed murdered really did go “missing!”

The most notorious massacre allegedly place at the Babi Jar ravine, near Kiev, where the Germans are said to have shot 33.711 Jews on 29 September, 1941. This very precise figure is mentioned in the Einsatzberichte (“action reports”) of the German army found by the Russians after the conquest of Berlin. The Einsatzberichte refer to numerous other massacres with hundreds of thousands of victims. It is really inexplicable that the Germans should left this incriminating evidence for the Russians although they could easily have destroyed it before the arrival of the Red army.

So in that last sentence Graf is implying that the action report denoting the exact number of Jews killed must be a Soviet forgery, because it’s such perfect evidence, without any evidence it’s a forgery, of course.

In September 1943, when the Soviets were approaching Kiev, the Germans are said to have dug out the bodies and burnt them on huge pyres. Thanks to a happy coincidence, the Babi Jar ravine was photographed by German reconnaissance aeroplanes at the time when the burning of the corpses purportedly took place. The air photographs show no human activity whatsoever, no open graves and no pyres, and they show that the earth had not been moved. (John Ball, Air photo evidence, Ball Resource Limited, Delta B.C., Canada, 1992). Thus, the Babi Jar massacre is exposed as a swindle, and all other figures mentioned in the “Action reports” are suspect from the very beginning as these documents are most probably forgeries.

So Graf is willing to throw all the available evidence out the window based only on John Ball’s air photo analysis. Ball’s analysis has been proven to be false, so Graf’s entire premise is false. The Babi Yar massacres happened. Graf continues…

This does, of course, not mean that there were no mass shootings of Jews. As the Jews formed the backbone of the Communist resistance movement which fought an illegal partisan war behind the German lines, massive reprisals against the Jewish civilian population certainly took place. But owing to the lack of documents, the revisionists are unable to make any rational estimate of the number of killed Soviet Jews.

Jürgen Graf
Holocaust Revisionism and its Political Consequences

As we just read above, there are no lack of documents. There are action reports of the death squads which list to the individual how many Jews were killed. Graf just wants to call them all forgeries and minimize and justify the death tolls.

There can’t possibly be more proof that the Babi Yar massacres happened. Where at times Revisionists may seem like they have something to offer, or a somewhat reasonable alternate explanation, at Babi Yar it’s just denying the mass murders that happened. Revisionists throw away thousands of pieces of evidence for the clearly unqualified John Ball’s air photo “analysis”, which is demonstrably untrue.

Additional Resources :

Gas chamber structures recently unearthed

For a long time, some Revisionists believed no evidence for alleged gas chamber structures at the “Operation Reinhardt” camps in Eastern Poland would ever be found because no such buildings ever existed at the sites. Recently, at Treblinka and Sobibor, the structures of the buildings identified as being used as gas chambers have been unearthed by archaeologists. Portions of a gas mask were reportedly found near Sobibor’s structure. There’s no evidence and no testimony these particular structures were used for anything other than homicidal gassing.

Treblinka – “Revisionists” vs. accepted history

Often times Revisionists bring up the Revisionist “Krege Report” claiming there are no ground disturbances at Treblinka 2.

Australian engineer Richard Krege conducts his ground radar investigation at Belzec and Treblinka. The results, which will prove the non-existence of the alleged huge mass graves at both camps, will be published in 2001 and administer the coup de grace to the Belzec and Treblinka swindle.
Jürgen Graf,  Holocaust Revisionism and its Political Consequences

However, no “Krege Report” has ever been published. The “Krege Report” does not exist. Who is swindling who?

The Institute of Historical Review, a California-based Holocaust denial organization, asserts that in October 1999 a team headed by Australian Holocaust denier Richard Krege “carefully examined the entire Treblinka II site, especially the ‘mass graves’ portion” and “found no soil disturbance consistent with the burial of hundreds of thousands of bodies, or even evidence that the ground had ever been disturbed.  In addition, Krege and his team found no evidence of individual graves, bone remains, human ashes, or wood ashes.”[1]  https://www.hdot.org/debunking-denial/or7-krege-investigation/

If Krege “found no evidence that the ground had ever been disturbed” his results need to be thrown away, since we have photographs of the “Treblinka Gold Rush.” This is when Polish villagers went sifting through the cremation pits at Treblinka 2 looking for gold teeth and other valuables. We know the ground was disturbed multiple times throughout the decades. Perhaps this is why Krege’s report and data were never published.

gzwt_3_1As with John Ball’s Babi Yar “was never disturbed” falsehoods, Krege’s reported claims do not hold up. Either his equipment was practically worthless, the results were different than those publicly claimed, or the entire thing was just an attempt at propaganda / agitation. We know the ground at Treblinka 2 definitely was disturbed. A lot. If Krege found results which didn’t fit the results his financial backers were looking for, he should have had the intellectual honestly to come out with it. Although, Krege understandably seemingly just wants to lay low and not face the persecution or even prosecution which comes with wading into this controversial subject.

The Krege report does not exist, but several other archaeological reports do. Evidence of massive ground disturbances and human remains at Treblinka exist in photographs, a Polish archaeological dig, recent ground penetrating radar analysis, witness testimony and more. And of course above all, Revisionists can’t name even one Jew claimed to have been “transited” through Treblinka to the “Russian East” in accordance with their “transit camp” theory. Out of 750,000 likely sent to Treblinka, the odds of that being the case is pretty much zero.


Remnants of a Mass cremation pit at Treblinka

Archaeologist Caroline Colls has published preliminary results which already far exceed the claimed veracity of the non-existent “Krege report.”

Colls said, “I’ve identified a number of buried pits using geophysical techniques. These are considerable in size, and very deep, one in particular is 26 by 17 metres.” This is a huge mass grave. Those claiming “no mass graves” at Treblinka are wrong. To be fair, I’m not sure if this particular grave she is mentioning is at Treblinka 1 or 2. If I get confirmation, I will update this in the next update of this article. Although, she has identified numerous large mass graves at Treblinka 2.


Colls’ preliminary findings

This is a diagram released by Colls of “probable burial/ cremation pits”. I don’t doubt that there are also mass burial/cremation pits underneath the massive concrete memorial stones, in particular the slab between numbers marked 4 and 5,6,7,8. These concrete slabs, in particular the one I just mentioned, were partially placed there to prevent bone fragments from rising to the surface.

Regarding the TV show Colls was featured in, aspects of the presentation and Colls’ behavior appeared bizarre. Even Holocaust “believers” have written about their issues with the program. Colls appears to be acting at crucial points, supposedly breaking down and crying over uncovering the remains of a Polish prisoner who died or was murdered at the Treblinka 1 labor camp. For someone claiming to be often involved in brutal forensic murder cases, it’s unlikely this wasn’t an act. From the start of her career, Colls has hitched her wagon to pleasing Jewish and Holocaust groups, a sure-fire ticket to mainstream success in any career.

Colls went out of her way to appease the Chief Rabbi of Poland, Michael Schudrick, a creepy religious zealot with a repulsive New Yawk accent. Colls was ordered by Schudrick to stop digging if she found Jewish mass graves. Yet Colls had no problem going down the road and cynically exploiting the graves of the victims of Treblinka 1 labor camp. They were Polish Christians. No Polish leaders, religious or otherwise, were there or seemingly even asked for permission to defend these Polish men’s graves from being exploited for Colls’ reality TV show fame.

Regarding my analysis of the TV show and Treblinka in general in the video “The Treblinka Archaeology Hoax” there are aspects of it which I stand behind, but parts, and the conclusion I do not. For instance, insinuating that the bone fragments Colls picked up on the grounds of Treblinka 2 were the same cremated remains of those shown scattered earlier by a Jewish family is clearly false. The remains scattered by that family were mostly, if not all, ash. I did not intend to deliberately mislead but offer an alternate theory and push for a real archaeological “dig” to end the controversy. I now believe that alternate theory to be false.

There are other aspects I still stand behind which make one wonder how ignorant Colls really is. For instance, using Vasily Grossman’s exaggerated Soviet propaganda report as proof of what truly happened at Treblinka. Grossman’s allegations are easily proven wrong, such as his claim of the size of the cremation pyres, which I demonstrated to be longer than the length of the entire camp. Like some Revisionists, Colls and other “Holocaust promoters” live in a closed minded world of sycophants. If interested in uncovering the grey area the truth resides in, Colls should have no problem studying Revisionists’ criticism, writings, or communicating with them. Perhaps she would avoid mistakes which call into question her abilities, biases, and knowledge, such as appearing on screen as exaggerated measurements made by Jewish-Soviet propaganda artist and poet Grossman are narrated.

Overall, to believe there are no mass graves and cremation pits at Treblinka would force one to believe that Colls and the entire team of archaeologists are lying about finding massive mass graves and “in on” the conspiracy. As well as everyone else throughout the years who said so. One would have to believe Colls’ entire team is entirely falsifying specific data, such as the claim to find graves “considerable in size, and very deep, one in particular is 26 by 17 metres.” For those who believe in a multitude of conspiracy theories, this isn’t a hard leap to make. For various reasons it is unlikely Colls is lying about the hard data. Colls should release all the data and final findings and put the conspiracy theorists to rest. It is odd that Colls’ Treblinka book, supposed to have been published three years ago has yet to see the light of day.

Revisionists say not one mass grave has been identified at Treblinka. However, these are the same people who deny the mass cremation site outside of Crematorium 5 existed / exists. Despite all photographic proof, eyewitness testimony, archaeological evidence, and the existing site today, these people are denying mass murders at Treblinka. I don’t need an archaeological dig outside of Crematorium 5’s cremation pits to prove they existed. The aerial and ground photographs, combined with witness testimony and physical evidence are enough. But I understand those who want to see proof, considering the exaggerated claims of the Soviet Union and the Holocaust industry in general.

To those who repeat these slogans such as “not ONE mass grave has been identified…” you have another slogan to answer for. Name ONE Jew transited through the “transit camps” to the “Russian East.” Roberto Meuhlenkamp’s reward is waiting. The answer is that these Jews were not transited elsewhere. They were gassed and cremated at these sites where Jewish survivors, archaeologists, and the N.S. war crimes defendants themselves throughout the decades say they did.

For whatever reasons, Jewish leaders do not allow the specific areas disturbed. I think some of those on both sides of the argument can agree that the games being played here are not consistent with standard archaeological practices. I agree with what Roberto Muehlenkamp wrote, about these rabbis getting in the way of science. There should be a total excavation of the cremation and burial sites at Sobibor and Treblinka. The remains should be catalogued, the dimension, shape, and size of the graves calculated. The archaeologists have no problem disturbing the known remains of Polish Christians at Sobibor and Treblinka, and have used them as props for titillating camera shots posing as evidence of Jewish mass graves. Do a complete, typical archaeological “dig” and end “Holocaust denial”! Perhaps the rabbis want these illogical “denier” enemies around to use in order to make the Jews more tribal than they would be if denial was forever silenced and openly discredited by re-opening the mass cremation pits.

The Polish State Prosecutor’s Office and the Main Commission for the Investigation of the German Murders in Poland Exhumation 1945


  • In their final report they noted that they found several graves, the largest of which was 6 meters deep (about 20 feet). In the walls of the largest crater was “a large quantity of ashes as well as human remains.” Further excavations revealed “. . . countless human bones . . . often still covered with tissue remains.

Additional Resources :

  • A video on “The Krege Report” – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0zLOP9K9hA unsurprisingly, it’s narrated by the same narrator as the human zyklon b experiment hoax. I will cover that Revisionist hoax later on, but frankly, the narrator and video production are deliberate hoaxers. At 1:43 Krege is set up in the area near where the alleged gas chamber foundations and tiles were found by Colls. Colls’ dig further discredits the already discredited and non-existent “Krege report.” At 2:14 appears to be running equipment directly over concrete rather than the gap without concrete.

There is all the proof in the world the mass murders and cremations happened at the sites alleged. The “transit camp” hypothesis does not check out.

Additional proofs have been mentioned in countless articles elsewhere, but adding to proofs include

  • NS ideology in general and specific passages from Himmler, Hitler, others
  • NS ideology rejecting typical Judeo-Christian morality, NS ideology justified killing women, children and the elderly.
  • According to NS ideology, it would have made more logical sense for the NS to euthanize Jews unable to work at the alleged sites, rather than expend precious resources feeding and clothing them in secret locations Revisionists can’t pinpoint.
  • Treblinka, Belzec, and Sobibor were manned with personnel from the T-4 euthanasia programs.
  • Core samples, ground photography, and archaeological investigations prove mass cremation sites.
  • And on, and on, and on.

The greatest flaws / “Achilles heels” in the Revisionist case

As I will repeat, the greatest flaw and Achilles heel in the Revisionist case is the total lack of explanation for where those gassed went (those selected as useless eaters unable to provide slave labor) instead of the ash and bone filled grounds of the death camp sites. Anyone wanting to win a debate simply needs to keep smashing that Achilles heel.

Other flaws :

1) “No Holes No Holocaust” and Crematorium 2 in Auschwitz-Birkenau.

A) “No Holes, No Holocaust” is a term coined by the French Professor Robert Faurisson. Coming into this “movement” many are led to believe that there are zero holes in the roof of the ruins of Auschwitz-Birkenau’s Crematorium 2. When Faurisson coined the phrase, it appeared to be convincing. The specific Zyklon B insertion holes, although clearly visible in aerial photography and apparently some wartime ground photographs, were not all easy for the casual observer to detect standing at the side of the ruins today. Even “believers” such as Jan Van Pelt couldn’t or didn’t properly try to “find” all the holes in the ruins.

However, the absolute “no holes, no Holocaust” has since been proven to be untrue. Three of the four Zyklon B insertion holes have since been identified. The fourth is covered by too much rubble and may never be identified. The holes are documented at the website https://www.phdn.org/archives/www.mazal.org/Auschwitz%20jpg/AuschwitzText%20Page.htm

There are many holes in the roof of Crematorium 2. Some were caused by the collapse of the ceiling after the Nazis dynamited the structure to hide the evidence. One hole in particular, with rebar bent backwards, appears to have been enlarged by the Soviets and throughout the years in order to gain easier access to examine the structure below.

Most importantly, three holes have been identified in the alleged locations used for the insertion of Zyklon B, and they line up with the aerial photographs (which there is no proof are doctored). The fourth is covered by rubble and too badly damaged to locate, as is the entirety of nearby Crematorium 3’s gas chamber structure.

Absolutes such as “there are no holes” and “there are no mass graves” are commonly repeated by Revisionists but both are absolutely not true and misleading. Typically photographs asserting “no holes” were taken from inside part of the ruins showing what appears to be an intact underside but only shows a raised portion of one part of the end of the structure. The fourth hole is not accessible from below, and the two middle holes are covered in rubble. Many top Revisionists now admit there are holes, but are coming up with other excuses for why they aren’t good enough.

The Auschwitz museum should allow Holocaust researchers to clear the rubble over holes 2 and 3 and clearly measure and mark the holes for visitors to end the controversy.

Also read :

B) Aerial Photographs

The deniers have presented no credible expert to prove the aerial photographs showing Zyklon B insertion holes in the roofs of Crematorium 2 and 3, taken from different countries’ surveillance planes, no less, are “doctored” into the original negatives.

e94f12f971118b60d40fe79475a68ed3The “believers” had an expert on forgeries and photography, Dino A. Brugioni,  testify in court that they were not doctored at the negative level. Photographs showing the areas with the Zyklon B insertion holes were not forgeries. Brugioni “wrote the book” on the subject, titled Photo Fakery: The History and Techniques of Photographic Deception and Manipulation. The typical kneejerk conspiracy theorist rebuttal is that since Brugioni worked for the C.I.A., he lied on the witness stand to cover up the top secret multi-national plot.

In absence of a counter-expert, how should a jury decide? In the absence of a “Revisionist” expert able to prove these photographs were doctored, a jury has no choice but to decide they are not doctored, and the holes still exist, after all.

John Ball claims to be the Revisionist expert in air photo analysis. We’ve already read how Ball is wrong on Babi Yar and most of his other claims are debunked elsewhere. In Ball’s concluding paragraph on the alleged crematory “forgeries”, we see the stunning hoops and contradictions Revisionists jump through to make their thesis fit. The beginning of Ball’s concluding paragraph states that because of the supposed “poor quality of the forgeries on these air photos it is not likely that the alterations were added by a government agency or the CIA itself.” Two sentences later, John Ball ends the same paragraph with extreme paranoia, insinuating that Brugioni himself (of the CIA) doctored the photographs.

“Brugnioni, the same author from the CIA who in 1979 published the air photos of Auschwitz,[18] published a book about “photographic deception and manipulation“, exposing himself as an expert on making and/or recognizing faked pictures.[24] Mysteriously, he discusses the photo criticized here in his chapter on how to detect faked photos – of course without claiming that it was altered. Is that really a coincidence?”     http://vho.org/GB/Books/dth/fndaerial.html

In addition, Ball only analyzed the American photographs, not the South African surveillance photos which also show four holes over both Crematoriums two and three. They are remarkably consistent despite being taken in sequence at varying distances. Photographs from the second camera of the South African mosquito plane which flew over Birkenau was only recently uncovered in British archives. It’s highly unlikely the CIA or Brugioni forged those too. Ball clearly isn’t anywhere near the expert he claims he is, as Brugioni commented about the grain of the film being consistent over the alleged forged holes, etc., the type of hard evidence which one would expect to be shown and analyzed by even an amateur photographer.

Revisionists never properly analyzed the various aerial photographs from numerous countries’ surveillance planes, and proved the holes in the roofs of Kremas 2 and 3 were doctored into the original negatives. This is something entirely provable by expert examination of modified physical negatives. To create such a forgery, one would have to use acid, or scratch, perhaps with the head of a needle, (or other methods) the original physical negative. The negative material would be thinner, one would be removing or thinning dark areas on the negative, actually. But when printed into a positive or the typical printed photographs we see, this area would appear dark. This kind of tampering with the evidence should be easily provable. Simply calling “bullshit” on it won’t do.

Brugioni’s analysis is correct, he told the truth, and after all, the holes are still there. The claim that Brugioni himself doctored the photographs is defamatory and outrageous.

Also read:

2) Again – “Where did the Jews unable to work go?”

The Revisionist response to “Where did the Jews unable to work go, and alleged “transited to the Russian East” in accordance with German demographer Richard Korherr’s report for Himmler is “I don’t know.”

This is actually the central issue of “The Holocaust denial debate” version 2017.

Revisionists have performed excellent work throughout the years. They have caused real “Revisions” to the official story, getting closer to the truth of what happened. They pushed for the correct lowering of the Soviet propaganda death toll figures of Auschwitz, Majdanek, Dachau, and elsewhere, of exposing certain structures which were falsely claimed to have been used for decades for homicidal gassing, such as five entire rooms at Majdanek.

But they have and are avoiding dealing with the fundamental issue. Revisionists have and are spending countless hours focusing on debunking the latest “survivor” Grimm fairy tale, repeating long debunked stuff like human skin lampshade and soap, or writing longwinded, pseudoscholarly books and articles which bore and mesmerize the reader into not realizing the author is unable to answer the central disputed issue and 99.9% of the time the author doesn’t even try.

“Where did those unable to work and selected to be gassed go after getting off the trains at Belzec, Sobibor, Treblinka?” No logical response.

Here are some of the responses which have been trotted out –

“Jews went where Jews are.” If this were true, simply find one (1) Jew claiming to have been transited through the “transit camp” of Treblinka, Sobibor, Belzec to the East and collect Roberto Muehlenkamp’s reward. There are no survivors which fit that bill, otherwise Muehlenkamp’s reward would have been paid out. The known survivors, “where Jews are” are those who fit the standard narrative, almost all were used for forced labor or were in camps where or when extermination activity was not ongoing, and not one of them were sent to the “Russian East” through the alleged three Eastern Poland death camps.

Often many Jews describe their younger sisters and brothers or elderly relatives being separated from them at Auschwitz, for instance. There is no evidence Jews unable to work, and sent to Auschwitz, Treblinka, Belzec, and Sobibor were fed and housed at some secret locations in massive numbers. There’s only evidence they met their end at these death camps, and a lot of it.

“The burden of proof is on those claiming they were gassed” – This is trotted out when the Revisionist / denier has no answer and is backed into a corner. No, whether they like it or not, the burden of proof is on the Revisionists at this point, seventy years on to radically overturn the accepted history. Otherwise, just keep repeating that the burden is on the “believers” and see how the public takes to that. Spoiler alert- that won’t get you anywhere.

There are other typical stock phrases used, all equally weak, all dodging the question which can’t be answered. Because these Jews were gassed and shot.

3) “Gassings are impossible.”

Gassings are possible, in any closed room, anywhere. Cyanide or carbon monoxide. Even diesel exhaust could be used to kill, it is just potentially slower and more inefficient than other methods.

Years ago, I used a photograph of a study of subjects breathing in diesel exhaust in a US government experiment, yet this exhaust was not directly piped to the subject. Additional oxygen was entering the tube from outside. Not to point that out was misleading.

If anyone is still in denial, shut yourself off in a closed concrete room and pipe diesel exhaust in from a 1940’s Soviet tank, with little outlet and no intake of additional oxygen. If you make it past an hour and a half, you win! Operate the engine under the conditions alleged, under load, you’ll die in well under half an hour.

Some Revisionists claimed to film a similar experiment with cyanide.

But this appears to be a preposterous hoax, which involves editing tricks. If anyone were to try this for real, you would die, for sure. There almost certainly was no cyanide inside when those in the video went inside the structure. A real doctor wouldn’t have allowed this to have gone on. The tapping every five minutes system is absurd, as doctors and oxygen would have to get to those inside seconds after exposure symptoms appeared, or they’d all be dead.

To those who filmed this hoax, why lie? You claimed you were exposing the truth? As said from the preface, these men wanted to acquit their ancestors of being called murderers. I understand and agree the anti-German guilt complex has gone too far, but why take part in creating an elaborate hoax in order to deny a supposed hoax? It’s clear why all involved hid their identities.

The alleged diesel engines may have instead been more efficient gasoline engines. It’s irrelevant because all the evidence is that Jews were gassed and cremated at these sites. Revisionist and engineer Friedrich Paul Berg, proponent of diesel gassings being highly inefficient murder weapons, cannot name one Jew transited through “transit camps” Treblinka, Belzec, and Sobibor to the “Russian East.”

4) Individual personality flaws of those involved expose improper methods / biases.

A problem for something claiming to be a science is true scientists do not bring their personal biases or politics into their conclusions. It was clear to me early on that both sides had biases. A lot of the Holocaust “believers” can be described as biased. Some are Jewish, some far-left, Marxists, even Bolshevik loving Communists. They have a vested interest in using “The Holocaust” a a weapon against “far right” / “racist” or nationalist ideology and a shield against Jews / Judaism and the state of Israel. The Revisionist community also has members who are “far right” and many of German descent. Ideologies and biases cloud the judgement and “science” of both sides involved.

Because this is focused on Revisionism, other personality flaws of some of those involved in Revisionism / Denial can be focused on. Although, I have and will keep out of this analysis personal information I’ve learned which could be used against those Revisionists who helped me through this difficult struggle. My intentions are not to “stab in the back” anyone and our personal interactions have and will be held in confidence to a reasonable degree. I have and will focus on logical flaws in their arguments, not their individual personalities or anything of the like. I believe mostly all “Revisionists” acted in good faith and are doing what they feel right in attempting to acquit the Germans. They’re just wrong on denying undeniable mass murders at several locations and at this point in time are woefully misleading and counterproductive to their own stated goals.

5)Intertwining of “Revisionism” with other increasingly bizarre conspiracy theories exposes Nazi mass murder denial as similar nonsense.

A key flaw is the intertwining of “Holocaust Denial” with other “Conspiracy theories”, some often quite absurd.  To a large extent, those involved with believing gassings were a hoax also believe in a multitude of increasingly bizarre “conspiracy theories.” Not only minor figures or followers but more importantly leading figures.

I greatly sympathize with Ernst Zundel, imprisoned for years in Canada and Germany. Zundel was trying to save Germany from the disaster they face today. Merkel-misled Germany is a nation ravaged by rape, murder, and terrorism by Arab and African immigrants flooding into the country by the millions, all induced by a pathological Holocaust guilt complex.

This being said, Ernst Zundel also wrote about Nazi UFOs, secret Nazi polar bases and Hollow Earth theories. It appears he came to the wrong conclusions about all of these things. His methods regarding all of these subjects were and are faulty. Zundel claims he did the esoteric stuff for fun, but this is rightly used as a mark against him being a pure truth teller.

Similarly, I sympathize with what Fred Leuchter has gone through. Leuchter has endured tremendous persecution due to diving into the Holocaust denial controversy. Leuchter was originally paid as an expert witness in the Zundel trial. However Leuchter’s claims do not hold up to scrutiny, and have not. Several of Leuchter’s original claims have since been edited out of his original report and seem absurd even to many Revisionists to this day. For instance, the claim that the entire crematoria would blow up in a catastrophic explosion due to cyanide from a nearby gas chamber drifting to the ovens. Leuchter continues to dodge a debate with a more knowledgeable and qualified fellow Revisionist, engineer Friedrich Paul Berg. This is additional proof Leuchter’s claims are indefensible, because he refuses to defend them. Leuchter claims he has no peers and no one on planet Earth can debate him. This sounds more like an indefensible delusion or religion.

Some have claimed Leuchter was involved with makeshift execution technology in the first place because other people and corporations found manufacturing murder weapons immoral. Frankly, Leuchter comes across like an aloof goof in the film Mr. Death and other interviews. Leuchter apparently still doesn’t have a clue how the film director Errol Morris was mocking him in Mr. Death. To be brutally honest, Leuchter clearly isn’t the sharpest or brightest intellect in the Revisionist stable. It’s sad Leuchter and his terribly flawed report has misled others to prosecution and prison cells.

Unfortunately, those who have been misled and pay the price, such as 87 year old German Ursula Haverbeck, repeat Leuchter’s claims, even not knowing many of them have already been tossed aside by top Revisionists years ago. Stubborn Leuchter is partially responsible for Grandma Haverbeck’s torment, as well as others such as priest Richard Williamson.

Literal Flat Earthers!

Recently, some involved with the production of Revisionist material have promoted the concept of a literal “flat earth.” Yes, really. That the earth is not round, but is actually flat. Deborah Lipstadt must love that. In particular, Sinead McCarthy, chosen as a narrator by Germar Rudolf for a video for his Holocaust Handbooks series believes the earth is flat. McCarthy was involved with the creation of a series of videos, articles, and internet radio shows promoting the concept of a literal flat earth. Since then, McCarthy has appeared in videos and filmed supposed “earth curvature experiments” affirming her belief that the earth is literally flat.

Before seeing evidence of McCarthy being completely unhinged, I originally thought McCarthy would make a good narrator for my “Questioning” video. I wanted a female narrator to make the subject more approachable. With a background in singing, she had a pleasing voice. McCarthy narrated Kyle Hunt’s “Hellstorm” video. Evidence of McCarthy being completely being unhinged started to emerge, such as the following audio clip.

After only recording the first few minutes of “Questioning The Holocaust : Why We Believed” I was exposed to a video of McCarthy vehemently proclaiming the earth is literally flat. Eric Dubay, a literal flat earther, apparently persuaded her. It was as disturbing and as as unhinged as the video above. I told McCarthy I could never be associated with Lipstadt’s dream of associating literal flat earthers with “Revisionism.” That and other embarrassing videos of McCarthy’s promoting her own belief in a literal flat earth have since been deleted, although traces remain.

In spite of warning Germar Rudolf of Sinead McCarthy’s flat earth absurdity, Rudolf decided to go ahead and have someone who believed and promoted the concept of a flat earth, Sinead McCarthy herself, narrate the following “scholarly” video for his Holocaust Handbooks series.

The book “Breaking the Spell The Holocaust : Myth & Reality” by Dr. Nicholas Kollerstrom is a prime example of the unscientific tinfoil hat conspiracy mindset. “Breaking the Spell” is volume 31 in Germar Rudolf’s Holocaust Handbooks series.

51eqo9lw7fl-_sx331_bo1204203200_The forward to “Breaking the Spell” was written by James Fetzer. One would be hard pressed to find someone, anyone, especially as outspoken, in a leadership role in the “truther” community, that believes in more conspiracy theories than James Fetzer. You have the standard and minor ones – 9/11, JFK, Moon Landing – hoax, Sandy Hook, even Senator Paul Wellstone – assassinated. It’s hard to find a conspiracy theory this guy doesn’t believe. Incredibly, Fetzer even still actually promotes the obviously untrue psychedelic-era urban legend that The Beatles’s Paul McCartney died in a car crash and was replaced by a body double. Seriously!


My personal interactions with some in this community has helped me realize how blatantly false some of their conspiracy theory claims were. While involved in another video project within this larger community, I even once personally heard Fetzer invent a new conspiracy theory in real time, claiming Supreme Justice Antonin Scalia was assassinated before the body was cold. A great deal of these dopey conspiracy theories make no logical sense. Scalia is about to be replaced by Trump with a younger conservative, what was the point of assassinating him? What was the point of secretly replacing Paul McCartney? How can a body double be trained to equal McCartney’s talent and musical abilities, etc. in such little time? Of course the Paul McCartney of today is the same person and musical talent of the 1960s. There are similar people on the internet posting claims of replacement body doubles, or even that two famous people are the same person, but they are obviously very sick paranoid schizophrenics. How Fetzer ever became a professor or PHD demonstrates what a joke “higher learning” is today.

Being a skeptic isn’t refusing to believe every “official story” for the sake of not believing it. For lack of trust in the government, or paranoia, or whatever. It’s coming to the truth, based on logic, scientific method, and evidence. Fetzer and Kollerstrom, and others like them do not hold up to logical examination. In fact, anyone logical would run away from their disinformation. Whether Fetzer himself has a mental disease, is deliberately spreading disinformation, or did too much LSD in the 60s, one does not know. Although I have some theories…

Not only is the forward of the book “Breaking the Spell” tainted, but the main author Kollerstrom himself heavily promotes the concept that the 7/7/2005 London Islamic terrorist bombings were a British / Mossad government job, or something. Also a 9/11 “truther”, “Breaking the Spell” is riddled with nonsense and poor “scholarship” mostly copied from other conspiracy theorists’ equally poor “research.” It’s not surprising Kollerstrom was fired as a professor. Everyone should take offense at anyone misleading impressionable young minds with untruths.

The intertwining of “Revisionism” alleged to be a serious, true, scientific, “scholarly” pursuit with absurd conspiracy nonsense was always troubling to me. “Revisionist” material, claiming to be scientific, has been all too complacent about its mixing with conspiracy theories, but this in the end has helped me realize the majority of these “truther” theories’ similar underlying un-scientific falsehoods.

Germar Rudolf chose to make a major video presentation on James Fetzer’s show. Yes, Fetzer – who seriously claims Paul McCartney died and has been replaced by a body double for the past forty years. Flat Earthers, Paul McCartney deniers?, these are exactly the kinds of characters one would expect involved in disseminating delusional, bogus, paranoid conspiracy theories, not serious scientists, academics, or historians. The intertwining of these other outrageous conspiracy theories with the denial of Nazi massacres help prove this extreme form of Nazi mass murder denial to also be false.

9/11 and Holocaust Denial

As a case study, mountains of material has been written on the supposed 9/11 conspiracy, but no evidence has been produced good enough to allow one prosecutor anywhere in the nation to convene a grand jury against a “conspirator”. 9/11 “truthers” may spend the rest of their lives rambling on about this or that minutia, repeating the same old points, just like the JFK conspiracy theorists, but will get nowhere without additional “smoking gun” evidence. Such evidence will almost certainly never materialize. Can you believe Islamic fundamentalist suicide squads exist? Shocking. And yes, all that needed was for the steel to be weakened by fire. No bombs or thermite, or “mini-nukes” needed.

As a quick aside, I recently wrote a very well known Revisionist, letting him know of my conclusions. In the course of the exchange, he wrote that no plane hit the Pentagon on 9/11. I sent the following photograph.

There couldn’t be more proof the claimed passenger jet struck the Pentagon on 9/11. We can see parts of the jet all over the lawn. All eyewitnesses describe the wreckage, including civilians. This particular part in the foreground has writing which can be traced back to the same jet claimed to have struck the Pentagon. I never got a response back to this photograph. Similar diversion tactics applied to Nazi mass murder denial are deployed. As with evidence of mass cremation and gassing, there are some that still deny the undeniable. Since then another well known Revisionist has told me they also don’t believe a plane hit the Pentagon on 9/11. This makes coming to this difficult conclusion so much easier for me.

For decades, Revisionist “scholarship” seemed to be aiming to persuade those in academia. College professors in particular were a main target. It was apparently thought that once these accredited college professors got on board with Revisionism, the “holy hoax” would collapse from the top down. After all, these people had degrees, which mean respectability!

It seems Dr. James Fetzer of “Scholars for 9/11 Truth” and Dr. Nicholas Kollerstrom are the only type of academic to find such information persuading. These are conspiracy theory collectors who somehow regurgitated enough information to be awarded a doctorate degree. Those such as Dr. Fetzer and Dr. Kollerstrom prove there’s nothing special or infallible about those who chose to attain doctorate degrees. Today more than ever, such degrees are instead a sign of a lack of independent or quality thinking. Today’s academia, full of Marxist “social justice warriors” and increasingly absurd subjects of study has exposed the literal fraudulence of colleges, academia, and the intellectual class as a whole. It’s absurd we even refer to these people as doctors because they spent more years in a classroom than others. Fetzer may agree as he’s often dropped the PHD label from his loony publications.

Dr. Kevin MacDonald, on the other hand, who even testified at the David Irving / Deborah Lipstadt libel trial, has smartly stayed away from denying Nazi mass murders. MacDonald’s work on Jewish subversive movements in the West as a group evolutionary strategy is highly successful and persuasive, and his leadership within the growing “alt-right” movement has shown real signs of bearing fruit. MacDonald has blazed a pathway to success for those who care about the same things as Revisionists / deniers without denying the Nazis mass murdered Jews.










The hard truth, why no scholars of any value, or the typical general public will even try to consider Revisionist claims, are the undeniable facts about what happened. At Auschwitz in particular, Jews were torn apart from their family members. Children, their parents, the elderly, those unable to be of primary use to the Nazi war effort were never seen again. If Revisionists can’t tell what happened to these small children and elderly, rather than meet their end in the gas chambers they were last seen and photographed being forced into, they’re finished.

If Revisionists want to continue in “the movement” they must focus resources on coming up with an answer to the central question which could win a debate. Hard data on where those approximately two million Jews unable to work and alleged shoved in gas chambers were instead sent, rather than the cremation pits outside the gas chambers. I have concluded this information does not exist, because these Jews were killed.

Sadly I imagine some “in denial” are already copying and pasting part of this or that section of this article and trying to mock or dissect part of what I have written. Maybe some unusually or poorly worded bit. “Revisionists” must come up with a detailed, documented response to “Where they went” to almost two million alleged gassed. Otherwise, you’re just in denial.

This is something “Revisionists” and Nazi mass murder “deniers” will not like, but emotion should be taken out of this entirely. Revisionists claim to be using scientific method and logic. The facts are the facts. Deniers have zero proof those alleged gassed (or shot such as at Babi Yar) went anywhere else. There’s evidence, and then there’s a total lack of evidence for the alternate theory – denial.

Parting Words

The really good factual work I did, debunking of Steven Spielberg’s Oscar Winning liewitness Irene Zisblatt, or the use of the British bombed Nordhausen camp as Holocaust propaganda, has been attached to falsehoods of N.S. mass murder denial I now disavow. The work as a whole has been tainted. I ask that copies of my old videos, recordings, or writings be deleted, as it is misleading, especially to young people. In the future I may curate my past stuff into a new form I stand behind 100% today.

To be clear, the Holocaust industry has told Big Lies. They are using these lies to enable their agendas. Germans, Palestinians, Europeans, and others are paying the price of this weaponized guilt propaganda. Even Americans like myself, whose grandfather served in the liberation of France, are forced to submit to what has become one sided Jewish supremacist white-guilt propaganda. Elie Wiesel’s march to the edge of a flaming pit of fire where babies were dumped via dump trucks is a total fabrication. Schoolchildren are brainwashed to accept this illogical fantasy fiction as reality. Irene Zisblatt’s lies about pooping diamonds for a year and a half, escaping from inside an Auschwitz gas chamber and being thrown 150 feet over barbed wire, naked onto a train, being selected to become a lampshade, and others in Steven Spielberg’s Oscar winning documentary “The Last Days” will go down in history as a high water mark for the extreme gullibility of the public, the power of the Holocaust promotion industry, and the fraudulent journalist profession to refuse to expose it. I’m proud to have taken a stand and helped expose these lies which mock real suffering and sacrifice and are used for sinister ends.

Overall, I am not as upset at “deniers” as this article may make it appear. I don’t think any of them acted consciously to deceive, as for instance, I claim David Cole does to this day. Many of them really are selfless truthseekers. Many have generously helped me get through life as a persecuted outcast. Even though they are wrong about denying mass gassings and shootings, they were doing something they felt necessary to change the disastrous course 24/7 Holocaust guilt propaganda has had on Germany, Western Civilization, Palestine, and the world. They weren’t mindless consumers and materialists, like most “sheeple”. They were courageous and right in many respects in the face of overwhelming persecution. I will likely still remain friends with many of them for the rest of my life.

If these people give up the extreme denial of N.S. mass murders they can reorganize into a useful form. They can protest the biased school curriculums, anti-free speech laws, help change the culture at large. Parents don’t want their kids to be shown piles of naked corpses and be told that their people are responsible for all the evil in the world. There should be an organization reconstituted against this insidious form of brainwashing.

After this moment, however, I will hold any “denial” leaders personally responsible for any naive people that get prosecuted and persecuted for denying N.S. mass murders. I will hold them responsible for continuing to mislead these naive people and egg them on into life destroying positions. They have no information which can help these people, to show a judge or jury to help them get acquitted. On the contrary. They are setting up others for prosecution due to their own stubborn refusal to admit they were wrong on this key issue.

If the extreme “deniers” realize there is nothing major left to revise, and stop the “denial” of mass gassings and shootings, they can be very useful. Many of their accomplishments in leading to the “grey zone” where truth resides may be looked upon with admiration in the history books yet to be written.

If not, they should be considered dangerous, irrational deceivers like the Paul McCartney deniers and flat earthers they collaborate with.

I wanted this article to focus mostly on the logic behind my conclusion. I will be posting additional articles to explain “what took so long”, how I got to this point, and some other thoughts on the “Holocaust denial” debate shortly. There’s a lot more to say, but this article is long enough…

I accept any internet radio debate with any major published Revisionist. Email me at QuestioningTheHolocaust@gmail.com to schedule.


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In many ways I feel the “denial” issue held me back from tackling other issues essential to the survival of Western Civilization.

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