Debate with Friedrich Paul Berg

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Fritz got totally rocked in the “debate.” I can’t really call what he did debate – he had to throw at least 50 “childish” insults one after the other. I stuck to the evidence, his entire lack of evidence proving the “Transit camp” theory and his own very illogical claims.

Highlights :

Fritz : Auschwitz was ” a gay old time.”  Dr. Mengele “wonderful.”

In the debate you’ll hear exactly why Germar Rudolf, head of Committee for “Open Debate” on the Holocaust begged Fritz not to debate me. The outrageously emotional and insulting words come from Fritz. The logic and evidence I use shatters the denial of gassing and mass shooting by bullets. There is zero evidence to prove the Revisionist “transit camp” theory. Extreme “deniers” know this and retreat to using stock phrases in their comfort zone.


On where did the approximately 750,000 Jews sent to Treblinka, supposedly sent Eastwards (but actually gassed) go?
Fritz : “I don’t know, I don’t care.”

Fritz : Auschwitz was a “gay old time.”
Fritz : Dr. Mengele was “wonderful.”

Fritz repeatedly called me a liar for saying ALL the existing evidence points to murders at Babi Yar and elsewhere. Fritz calls me a liar for saying “ALL” because of some theoretical, hypothetical evidence that in his mind may be found in the future to overturn over 70 years of “ALL” the existing evidence that I don’t include in “ALL.” So I said “All the existing evidence” But no – I stand by “ALL the evidence.” I do not concede there will miraculously be some future evidence to overturn this history and the mass cremation pits for hundreds of thousands of Jews never seen again proves this is impossible anyway.

One correction, Fritz claimed Vrba claimed the smoke out of Auschwitz chimneys was different for different nationalities. And how important this witness was. Vrba is important, as he escaped and gave the world some of the first detailed accounts of gassings at Auschwitz. But Vrba never said the ridiculous quote about different color crematory smoke depending on the different nationalities, which is what I keyed on and said “was not important.” I said that because Vrba never said this quote. The person who said that was Arnold Friedman, who was rightly picked apart at the Zundel trial as not being an important witness, being closer to a hearsay witness who did not see these things, but was told this by others.

Fritz often repeats that no autopsies have proven victims to be gassed. I point out a Polish archaeological investigation which showed intact skulls found at Treblinka cremation pits not pierced by bullets. I also point out the illogical concept that the large amount of bone fragments and cremated remains found at the site could prove cause of death due to exposure to engine exhaust when the cremation fire would release many of the same chemicals, especially if liquid fuel was used as an accelerant. When confronted with that logic, Fritz said, “I’m not an expert.” He later referenced watching CSI.

Obviously with any debate, one wishes they would have said something additional. I mentioned that those closest to the engines and who operated them described them as petrol engines, which to his credit, Fritz conceded. Then Fritz went back to talking nonstop about Gerstein mentioning diesel despite wanting to throw out everything he claimed about witnessing a gassing at Belzec.

I should have mentioned by name Eric Fuchs, who installed the engines at Belzec and Sobibor, who describes them as gas, petrol engines. Fuchs had extensive experience with the installation and daily use of the engines. Fuchs also worked at Treblinka. Fuchs’s post-war work as a truck driver, car salesman, and most importantly, engine mechanic would certainly put his intimate knowledge of the engines above that of Kurt Gerstein, who briefly visited Belzec.

Fritz liked to mention the time “3 minutes” in regards to gassing. Yet offers forward Gerstein. Gerstein claimed, using a stopwatch, that the gassing took 32 minutes to kill everyone inside, with most dead at 25 minutes. I believe one of Fritz’s own articles concedes that operated under certain conditions, “under load”, a diesel engine could kill in under 30 minutes. So he has no point. His point is that the Nazis should instead have used wood-powered engines. If wood-powered engines are so great, and not such a deadly danger to the operator themselves as has been proven, why aren’t we driving around in wood-fueled cars and trucks today? It’s just as I said, a thought experiment, how to have built a more efficient gas chamber.

If Fritz himself wants to perform a similar experiment to the “Zyklon B” experiment hoaxers shown here,, even with diesel instead of petrol, he’ll be dead in less than 30 minutes. On his own website, he writes…

With diesel exhaust, the danger from CO or reduced oxygen would have been essentially zero from any idling diesel—but the temperatures, well above 200 degrees Fahrenheit, would have killed everyone eventually—and probably in less half-an-hour.

His concession that extreme high temperatures could kill those inside a small space in less than 30 minutes. Fritz claims “idling diesel” but not one operating under load. Talking about a diesel engine operating under load, from memory Fritz mentions death from the exhaust fumes, including higher concentrations of Carbon Monoxide, in under 30 minutes or even less. Although, either way, the exhaust of the engine operating under load or temperature will kill those inside as Fritz admits in less than half an hour.

His entire diesel argument is irrelevant for several reasons. Either diesel or petrol will kill those inside a small space in less than 30 minutes, as Fritz concedes. All witnesses describe engines being used to gas Jews. There are zero witnesses who were at Treblinka, Belzec, and Sobibor who deny mass gassings. Those who installed the gas engines and used them every day, rather than Gerstein who was only at Belzec for a few hours, describe them as petrol engines.

Fritz’s favorite witness Gerstein is notable because he tried to leak information about the mass gassings even during the war. The Vatican and others he desperately tried to get this information to wrote it off as atrocity propaganda.  Berg wants to pick and choose which aspects of Gerstein’s testimony to use. By Gerstein claiming a diesel engine was used, Berg also wants to disregard his entire testimony. So why are we talking about him and diesel anyway? There’s no reason to believe Gerstein made up his entire testimony, as it was given up voluntarily during the war under great danger to him from the Nazis themselves, and not under Allied torture.

Of course the main reason for the debate was to get Berg on record admitting there is zero evidence Treblinka, Belzec, and Sobibor were transit camps to the Russian East. Berg was unable to offer even one Jew out of the approximately 1.4 million sent to these sites who describes being “transited” through these sites to the Russian East. Berg’s response was “I don’t know, I don’t care.” Germar Rudolf also told me, “I don’t know.”

This evidence the extreme deniers “don’t know” will never be found. Because these Jews were gassed. It’s not worth anymore time going down the dead end path of denying these gassings and claiming Treblinka, Belzec, and Sobibor were transit camps to the East, with zero evidence to support that alternate conspiracy theory. ALL the evidence supports mass gassings and cremations at these sites.

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